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Activities to do in Gothenburg during summertime 

Record crowds on southern Swedish beaches despite coronavirus warnings. What to do then in Gothenburg during summer?

Activities to do in Gothenburg during summertime foto: Aron Fjell
Sofia Reading
created at: Tue Jul 13 2021| updated at:Mon Jan 17 2022

Activities to do in Gothenburg during summertime


The most obvious thing to do when visiting Gothenburg is going to the amusement park Liseberg, something you would not want to miss out on. The park contains several amazing roller-coasters, some of them full of loops and racing ahead at top speed, and others offering more scenic routs at a slower pace. In the park there is also many restaurants and cafes of different price ranges, along with smaller kiosks where you can get refreshments such as soda, popcorn, churros or the famous candy floss. Furthermore, there are countless lucky wheels and games in which you can win cuddly toys or sweets that will last you for days after your visit.  

During the corona pandemic Liseberg has established a new booking system where you have to pre book you tickets online at their website, however it is unclear whether this system will remain after some of the restrictions are lifted on the 15th of July. To plan your visit, I would recommend visiting their website to see the latest updates. 


Gothenburg's archipelago – visit beautiful islands  

One of the things Gothenburg is most famous for is its amazing coastline and the sea life that it offers. Therefore, visiting one of the many islands in Gothenburg's archipelago is a must when coming to the city! A huge advantage is that the boats that take you out to these amazing places are part of Gothenburgs public transport system, which makes it very easy to book tickets. All you have to do is download the app “ToGo”, in which you can book tickets for all travel with public transport. Personally, I would recommend visiting Rörö. It has a smaller, cozy harbor with nice seafood restaurants, but the island is mostly famous for its natural beauty. The nature preserve offers a unique view of a treeless heathland with heather scattered across it, along with quite beaches perfect for a nice picnic.  

However, if you are looking for an island with lots of people and luxury seafood restaurants Höno is probably the better option for you, as it is a very popular tourist destination that’s always buzzing with life in the summer.  

The Botanical Garden  

Gothenburg is a big city with lots of people, traffic and noise which sometimes make you feel the need for some peace and quiet. The perfect residence for this is The Botanical Garden, located close to the center of Gothenburg. This beautiful garden offers a calming environment and is perfect for nice walks with friends on warm summer days. Different sections of the garden contain plants from different continents, so you can choose whether you would like to dwell by a calm pond under blossoming trees in valley of Japan, or walk on the narrow paths under towering rhododendron bushes in the valley of Rhododendron. In addition, there are also grass areas where you can sit and have a picnic in the sun. The entrance for the garden is also free, so this magical experience will cost you nothing.  

Shopping at Kungsgatan  

If you are looking for somewhere to wonder amongst shops and doing some shopping, the area around Kungsgatan is the place for you to go. Here you can find many shops in different price ranges, so there’s something for everyone! You will find book stores, cloth shops, home decore shops and much more when walking down the buzzing streets. There are also many cafés and restaurants around the area, so when you get tired and feel that you need to have a sit down there are loads of options where you can get everything from a croissant and coffee to pan pizza or tandoori chicken!  

Food you can’t miss 

However, when it comes to food, I have some personal recommendations I would like to make as a permanent residence of Gothenburg. Firstly, one of my long-time favorites is an Indian restaurant called Daawat that can be found on Första Långgatan. Here you can get the most amazing food that will bring your tastebuds on a rich journey through the Indian kitchen. 

Secondly, I would also want to recommend an Italian restaurant called Bennes Pasta Bar, located at Skanstorget. This restaurant offers you a range of seven dishes of homemade pasta along with some starters which you can order whilst waiting for your food. The extraordinary thing about this restaurant is however the prices – there is not on dish more expensive than 85 kr!  

Thirdly, if you are a fan of Greek food, you should really visit a small tavern located at Olivedalsgatan. It is called “Lilla Tavernan” and offers quality Greek food in a nice local that really gives you the feeling that you’re in Greece. They offer a broad range of greek dishes, both cold and warm. Moreover, they have a good selection of vegetarian dishes.   

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