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Enjoying life with the Swede’s LAGOM!

Lagom is the art of living that has been instilled in Swedish culture for ages. This is the secret to helping the people of this beautiful country achieve a balanced and happy life.

Enjoying life with the Swede’s LAGOM!foto: Vincent Viana Martinez
Loi Nguyen
created at: Wed Jul 14 2021| updated at:Wed Jul 06 2022

Enjoying life with the Swede’s LAGOM!

Lagom is the art of living that has been instilled in Swedish culture for ages. This is the secret to helping the people of this beautiful country achieve a balanced and happy life.


Today, to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life, we often want to find a simple and natural lifestyle. That is why recently, the Lagom lifestyle from the kingdom of Sweden has become popular around the world.


As a universal concept deeply ingrained in the Swedish people's mindset, Lagom is a journey of discovering core values ​​and understanding yourself in the midst of the vast world. Moreover, from a linguistic point of view, the word "Lagom" means just enough, neither excess nor deficiency in material and spiritual life. Therefore, Lagom is an important factor that helps us balance work-life while enjoying full happiness and joy.

Many scholars believe that Lagom derives from the Viking term "laget om" (meaning "passing around in a group"). It is the ritual of passing a horn full of wine in a circle, each person taking only a small sip to ensure that there is still enough wine for the following people. Besides, Lagom also accompanies sustainability. Lagom spirit permeates each specific job, such as tracking spending, recycling waste, limiting plastic bags, using organic food instead of indulging in a materialistic and extravagant lifestyle.

Do you really need a full wardrobe, a few dozen pairs of shoes or dozens of accessories? Perhaps the answer is no. Therefore, instead of working 60 hours a week to shop as much as you want and then fall ill, Lagom reminds us to work enough and rest properly to ensure a clear mind and healthy body strong.



Soaking in a cold lake is an elegant pleasure of the Nordic people in general. For them, taking a cold shower in the middle of a cold winter is one of the most effective ways to relax the mind and exercise the body. The ideal time for this activity is after waking up in the morning, before drinking coffee.

When embraced by the clear, cool water, all your senses will be awakened entirely and quickly become flexible and sensitive. Studies have shown that this habit improves blood circulation, replenishes energy, strengthens the immune system, and reduces the risk of depression.


Swedish people always give nature a passionate, deep love. In this romantic country, national parks and nature reserves are everywhere. People can freely roam among the green natural scenery, whether it is grasslands, ponds, forests or farms, as long as they have a sense of environmental protection.

From a young age, children have been immersed in nature through many practical extracurricular activities. On weekends, Swedish families often go for a walk, bike ride, camp in the park. According to statistics, about 20% of the population owns a small house by the lake in the middle of the forest for summer vacation.


The Lagom lifestyle guides us in the practice of minimalism. Swedes believe that open, neat space with essential furniture will make them more relaxed and happier. Certain spaces in your home can bring a sense of calm and peace while enhancing concentration.

In addition, limiting the necessary items also helps us save a significant amount of money. Instead of regularly decorating your home with a range of trendy items, choose to buy durable multi-purpose products in elegant colours.


Lagom focuses on harmonious and robust attachment to create a friendly and civilized society. This philosophy gave birth to the Fika culture of the Swedish nation. Fika is a leisurely break with a cup of warm coffee and delicious cakes. For generations, the people here have always kept gathering to drink coffee, eat waffles and chat between studying and working hours.

In an intimate and open atmosphere, people come together to talk about their personal lives, find solutions to problems or share bold and impromptu ideas. After only fifteen minutes of Fika, our spirits will be much higher. Since then, the relationships have become more intimate, and the quality and efficiency of work have also been significantly improved.


The Lagom lifestyle also reveals the secret to natural and skilful conversation. In a conversation, instead of rushing to interrupt or steal other people's words, Swedes will listen sincerely, think carefully, and respond slowly.

Because they think silence is a necessary element in the story of both sides. They help people behave more appropriately and wisely. Once we catch this slow rhythm, we will feel more confident and proactive when communicating. It is also the moment when you discover more exciting and new things about the other person.


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