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Pedro Specter
created at: Sat Jun 20 2020| updated at:Wed Jul 06 2022

Swedes remain banned from certain European countries The government has eased the restrictions on traveling within Sweden, arguing that it is not the travel that causes the virus to spread, but rather the social contact between close friends and family that is the greatest risk of infection. However, the government urges that one should still be careful and take the virus seriously and thus not travel if you show or feel symptoms.

European governments started to implement lighter restrictions on traveling in Europe, with borders open to most countries in the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein. But the Swedes remain outside of these lighter travel restrictions, along with Britain, Russia and France. The Nordic countries opened their borders to each other on June 15, but excluded Sweden. 

Denmark allows Swedes to enter the country with special certificates such as having a close family or work in Denmark, or being only on transit.Why Sweden falls outside these rules is for the high death toll in covid-19 and thus the fear of other countries that the risk of infection is higher for their own inhabitants. However, there are many countries that the Swedes can go to, including Greece, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, France, the UK, and Italy. That is, if you can find a flight at a reasonable price (if you do not want to take a cheap flight to Italy). The alternative is to go by car or train, but then the risk is that you as a person coming from Sweden can be stopped on the way down in Europe, and most likely you will then be put in a 14 day quarantine when you have arrived at your destination. But it varies from country to country, and even from region to region within the different countries.

The European Union has created a site where you can keep track of and search for which destinations you are allowed to go to. The site is constantly updated and contains information on 25 countries, where both tourists and professional workers can access travel information and restrictions. However, the focus is on tourism and where different nationalities are allowed to tourist, so far most countries opened on June 15, but some have closed until the first or second of July and some indefinitely.Traveling in Sweden will still be a holiday for many Swedes this year, as it is now easier to get around the country. SJ has also negotiated with the public health authority about how to place more people within the trains and travel with SJ safely, this has meant that more people will be able to ride trains at the same time, unlike how it was earlier this spring. Traveling within Europe can be a challenge, as rules and restrictions can be tightened again quickly, but at the same time it is also an opportunity if you are willing to take the train into the world instead of flying and thus save a fortune.

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