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Swedes are once again booking flights to vacation abroad

Vaccine roll-outs and "covid-19 certificates" are positively impacting the demand for travels abroad.

 Swedes are once again booking flights to vacation abroadfoto: pixabay
Elin Magnusson
created at: Tue Jul 06 2021| updated at:Wed Jul 06 2022

Travel operators are seeing an increased demand for travel abroad as people are longing for the sun and getting away from Sweden. Although the flights still are not fully booked, it is an improvement from last year’s figures. 

Since 1 of July, Covid-19 passports are available for all European citizens. In Sweden, it is the eHealth agency that issues the digital certificate. 

As the pandemic is still ongoing, the minister of foreign affairs has extended the advice against non-essential travel until 1 of September. Still, some countries and regions are exempted from the list. 

In a press release from 24th of June, The Ministry for Foreign Affairs stated: 

“The individual bears a great responsibility even when traveling to countries that are no longer subject to Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ advice against travel. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs urges all Swedish travelers to read up when planning their trip, follow the local rules when in the country, and plan their trip home carefully”

It is essential to know what countries are advised against traveling to, as travel insurance policies might not apply to those countries. 

However, it looks like Swedes are eager to traveler again. According to statistics provided by Tui, Apollo, and Ving, all three travel operators saw a “midsummer effect”, where the demand for last-minute tickets increased.

Adam Györki Communication Manager at Tui said in an interview with Aftonbladet that the company had twice as many bookings as the week before midsummer. 

While Annica Smith Communication Manager at Apollo, noted that the roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines in the spring had a positive effect on bookings.

Although the travel industry is slowly recovering due to lifted restrictions, Ving and several other travel agencies have forecasted the number of bookings to “only” reach about 70% of a typical year. 




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Ministry for Foreign Affairs

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