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Ulf Kristersson - “The immigration has become a strain”  

Over last weekend, many groups on the social media have reported a huge activity of posts criticising Kristersson statement.

Ulf Kristersson - “The immigration has become a strain”  foto: Moderaterna Press bilder
Matilda Andersson
created at: Tue Jul 13 2021| updated at:Wed Jul 06 2022

Five months ago, Ulf Kristersson, leader of the Swedish, right party Moderaterna, criticized Jimmie Åkesson, leader of Sverige Demokraterna, Sweden's most nationalistic party, on his statement that the immigration is a strain on Sweden.  However, less than five months later, Kristersson himself uses the same words when speaking about immigration.  

Earlier this year Jimmie Åkesson made a statement on twitter saying that Sweden should put a stop to “all immigration that constitutes a social, cultural or economical strain”. Ulf Kristersson was one of the party leaders who reacted to this message saying that “You shouldn’t in a generalizing way speak of humans as a strain” in a written messages to TT. 

Yet, on the 7th of July, five months after, Kristersson stated the following statement to the radio station P1-morgon: “It is obvious that the immigration has become a strain”. He also speaks of immigration as a problem in context of social problems, criminality and problems connected to the honor culture.  

Furthermore, he expressed that if he succeeds in creating a government, he would want to give Jimmie Åkesson influence over the immigration's politics. Moderaternas have already opened up to working with Jimmie Åkesson and Sverige Demokraterna in January, stating that “I also think that SD:s rhetoric has changed quite a bit these last couple of years” and that they had been constructive in meetings with Moderaterna regarding immigration politics.  

Numerous reactions over weekend.

Over weekend, many groups on the social media have reported a huge activity of posts criticising Kristersson statement. If the Tallmannen Andreas Norlén considered Kristersson has the first choice for building a government during last week government crisis, the party seems to be positioning itself on a vision over conservative doctrines of immigration that might establish a new way to voters.




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