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En av bankerna i Sverige inledde året med en nettoförlust på 1,7 miljarder kronor. Kombinationen av höga kostnader för brister i hanteringen av penningtvättsrisker och det utmanade makroekonomiska klimatet ligger bakom raset från fjolårets 5,3 miljader.

China not convinced with Ericsson's 5G

Ericsson has reported today Friday the 16th of July the second-quarter core earnings. Among other losses and below market estimates, the most clear to the human eye is the strong sales of 5G equipment in most markets was offset by a decline in sales in mainland China.

The Swedish Monopoly

The Swedish market has undergone serval reforms to facilitate a competitive environment. However, previous monopolists still have a stronghold.

COVID-19 vaccine: Who is controlling the market?

After more than a year of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, the key to the world's economic recovery is in the hands of a very small number of apothecarie

Johnson & Johnson announces recall of 5 lines of sunscreens containing carcinogens.

Johnson & Johnson announced a recall of 5 spray sunscreens from Neutrogena and Aveeno brands

Northvolt AB has raised $2.75 billion in capital as it prepares to ramp up to an annual production capacity of 150 GWh in Europe by 2030.

The funding round — Northvolt’s largest thus far — was co-led by existing investors Goldman Sachs and Volkswagen, and new investors including the Swedish pension funds AP1-4 and OMERS, one of Canada’s largest pension plans. AMF, ATP, Baillie Gifford, Baron Capital Group, Bridford Investments Limited, Compagnia di San Paolo through Fondaco Growth, Cristina Stenbeck, Daniel Ek, IMAS Foundation, EIT InnoEnergy, Norrsken VC, PCS Holding, Scania and Stena Metall Finans also participated in the raise.

Denmark gives people a bank loan to buy a house with 0% interest for 20 years.

According to information from Bloomberg, Denmark - the country with the longest history of maintaining negative central bank interest rates has just announced a policy of giving people a 20-year home loan with a fixed interest rate of 0%.

Behind Volvo's success: The "Omtanke" philosophy makes miracles.

Despite being one of the few luxury car brands to market, Volvo is still a fast-growing luxury car brand in some regions of the world. Behind the company's philosophy of success lies what the Swedes call "omtanke".

The Nordic Way of Enjoying Coffee

Norway, Denmark and Sweden have the highest per capita coffee consumption rates in the world. These markets are strongly geared towards high-quality coffee. Therefore, the coffee market of the Nordic countries imported a relatively high amount of Arabica and a low amount of Robusta.

Digital Marketing Solutions for F&B Industry 2021

This article will look back at the statistics and some digital marketing trends 2021 that will take F&B marketing strategies to the next level, helping businesses attract more customers and increase revenue lasting.

Opportunities and Challenges of the State-Issued Digital Currency

Government cryptocurrencies or state-issued digital currencies are a new form of currency that promises to make the financial sector work better but will also change geopolitics and allocated capital.

EURO 2020: The brand war off the pitch

The EURO 2020 tournament was expected to bring exciting and top-notch matches, in addition to "economic gifts" for not only the host countries but also the world's leading brands.


Historisk stora ekonomiska värden riskerar nu att gå förlorade. Vad värre är kan en hel generation av företagare förloras med personliga tragedier som följd. Ibland är det bättre att gå i konkurs än att slåss i ett omöjligt läge.Konkurs bättre för företag än att få pengar av TillväxtverketCovid-19:s framfart och alla dess effekter skakar om vårt land och vår omvärld på ett närmast overkligt och mardrömslikt sätt.

The Publishing Industry overcomes difficulties thanks to Audiobooks and E-books.

The large market, modern technology, and increasing user demand are the factors that help audiobooks outperform both ebooks and traditional printed books.

Ericsson Overtakes Nokia to Win the 5G Network Contract in China

Ericsson has won a 3% stake in a joint 5G network contract between two Chinese telecommunications carriers, China Telecom and China Unicom.

The Diderot Effect –You Buy Things You Don't Need & How to master it

If you've ever bought a dress, you have to buy many accessories such as a new bag, new earrings, a new pair of high heels, etc., to match the beautiful dress you just bought although they are not necessary. Well, condolences, you have become a victim of the Diderot effect.

What does the Swedish Macroeconomy tell us about Swedish Stock Returns?

In the stock market, the utilization of information is of the essence, and being able to draw conclusions about what factors empirically affect stock market returns is valuable information for all investors trying to get an edge in the market. Ignoring firm-specific information such as news and accounting-specific data relevant for only a particular firm, economy-wide structural information about the macroeconomy is bound to give information about future stock market returns.

Carlsberg: the Inspirational "4-NO" Story

The great challenge of brewers in the 4.0 era is finding quality beer brewing methods and ensuring production activities that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Marabou: The Story of the Swedish Chocolate Brand with 6000 Names

"Sorry I'm late", "I did my homework", "I'll still find it funny 10 years later"... is some of Marabou's funny messages.

Sustainable Business in Sweden

Today, many Swedish companies are at the forefront of integrating a sustainable business approach into their strategy and daily management. These are extensive environmental protection, positive measures to respect human rights, improve the working environment, and fight corruption.

The rise of digital entrepreneurs and emerging opportunities

Digital entrepreneurs are changing the way we conduct business. However, women are still heavily underrepresented.

Not everything went downhill during the pandemic – E-commerce is booming

Social distancing has drastically changed consumers' buying behavior and e-commerce is booming.

Bank of England keeps powder dry on crypto 'pockets of exuberance'

The last two months the fever of Bitcoin has been going down. As it was not enough bitcoin being taxed in Sweden as capital income, the Swedish crypto investors who hold assets in online wallets like and make their most trades in Binance/CEX might have their life a bit more complicated.

The Role of IoT in the Logistics Industry Ecosystem

The Internet of Things (IoT) in the logistics industry is growing rapidly with advanced monitoring solutions. In this article, we will take a closer look at the role of the Internet of Things in this ecosystem.

Modern Portfolio Theory and How Investors can use it

Most new investors are probably introduced to the subject by looking at graphs and news about the company, trying to disentangle which investments are worth it.

Why investing in Gold and Bitcoin is a trend?

Discover why investing in Bitcoin or Gold is a trend in 2021.

Top 5 Fintech trends to the financial industry in 2021 in Sweden

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic makes 2020 a year that completely changes the business model in each industry, including fintech. Finance and banking experts have predicted the top 5 fintech trends that will change the landscape of this industry in 2021 in Sweden.

The Era of Solar Energy in Sweden

Sweden is the only country that has surpassed using 50% clean energy from renewable energy sources since 2012. The country aims to use 100% clean energy by 2040. Partly, a significant part of the country's success in using clean energy including abundant hydro, wind power, and solar energy, which contribute to the country's supply of renewable electricity.

Volvo starts having Aurobay motors

The new company will be a global supplier of complete powertrain solutions including next generation combustion engines, transmissions and hybrid solutions.

Stock Market Efficiency and its Implications on Investors

In the most efficient of markets, profits are assumed to be random and information obtained in the market should not be a factor in determining stock returns. However, that is not the case, so what does the theory of efficient markets imply for investors trying to be successful in the market?

Sweden’s gender equality work at a standstill?

Boston Consulting Group concludes that women are often left out of crucial decisions in Swedish companies. However, AP2 Female Representation Index for 2021 shows increased representation of women in board rooms.

Denmark's "incentive tax" policy reduces carbon emissions.

A carbon tax is not a new idea. However, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are the first countries to have implemented a carbon tax policy since the 1990s.

Fear of inflation in the post-Covid-19 world

Increasing alarms on inflation and interest rate hikes

IKEA: Sweden's mark on the world map

Apart from being famous for cultural concepts like "Lagom" and "Fika", Sweden is a model of a democratic social country where all people are equal, prosperous, and happy. The recent death of Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA - a globally famous Swedish assembled furniture retail chain, is an opportunity to look back at how this brand contributes to 'exporting' Swedish culture worldwide.


Nya data visar att olicensierade spelbolag vinner mark mot licensierad spelbolag i SverigeSverige införde den 1 januari förra året en ny spelreglering med syftet att stärka konsumentsskyddet. Staten delade ut spellicenser till de bolag som uppfyllde kraven.

EU lost the lawsuit in pushing AstraZeneca to speed up the COVID-19 vaccine delivery.

According to a court ruling in Brussels (Belgium), AstraZeneca only had to deliver 80 million doses of the vaccine to the EU before September 27 instead of 120 million doses before the end of June as the EU petitioned. The fine that the EU proposed to AstraZeneca was also removed.

Freelancing Jobs during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Why Now is the Right Time to Join

The gig economy is becoming a prominent trend globally, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic has spread worldwide, and it is not known when it will be resolved entirely.

Sweden - the "paradise" for startups

Behind the US's Silicon Valley, the Swedish capital Stockholm has become a "hotspot" for startups.

Financial Lesson Behind the Story of Hosting the Olympics

Have you ever wondered why there are so many countries competing to host the Olympics? This is because being the "host country" in an Olympics is a national pride and an opportunity to receive huge financial profits or expensive financial lessons.

Tips and tricks for investing in Stocks and Funds

As the world becomes more digitized, the demand for investments in various assets has become increasingly popular. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks for new investors that can be used when thinking about investing in stocks or funds.

Sweden scores second place on the global innovation index

The Swedish startup scene is thriving with success stories such as Klarna, Oatly and Spotify.

OMX Peaks During the Government Crisis

On the 28th of June 2021, the Swedish prime minister Stefan Lövfen announced his resignation after the left party together with the conservative block filed a motion of censure and won. The media, and even the prime minister himself, reiterated that this would spark a government crisis with potential consequences for the Swedish citizens. However, during this alleged government crisis, the OMX Stockholm stock index has continued to grow without any sign of slowing down.

What Can We Learn From The Scandinavian Business Model?

Scandinavian people choose to run a business that reflects their roots and principles – the team's success is more important than personal achievements.

Is it Possible to Time the Stock Market Consistently?

For investors buying low and selling high is one of the key components to success in the stock market. But is it really possible to time the market perfectly and consistently over time?

Pfizer, Moderna raise vaccine prices in Europe.

Pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna have raised prices in contracts to sell COVID-19 vaccines to the European Union (EU) amid strong vaccine demand.

The Housing Market Bubble and the SEB Price Fall Down

Since 2000 Sweden has seen a significant increase in house prices, which compared to its nordic counterparts, especially Denmark and Finland, is to be regarded as a dramatic increase. Naturally, questions about a Swedish housing bubble arise, however, opinions from prominent economists differ.

Facts about the Beer Industry

The beer market is characterized by a fairly low number of firms. The four largest firms hold more than 50 percent of the total market share, where the largest firm AB InBev has almost 30 percent, suggesting that the beer market is a fairly concentrated market. This implies that firms in the market probably face fierce competition from their competitors. Despite high competition and covid-19, the beer market is doing good and future expectations are high.

How AI Is Changing the Online Shopping Experience

Applying AI in e-commerce is a remarkable step forward, changing almost the entire experience journey of users and sellers on online platforms.

Enjoying life with the Swede’s LAGOM!

Lagom is the art of living that has been instilled in Swedish culture for ages. This is the secret to helping the people of this beautiful country achieve a balanced and happy life.

Europe's economy faces a gloomy summer - What about the Swedish economy?

The pace of Covid-19 vaccination is taking place slowly in the European Union (EU) countries in general and Sweden in particular, signalling an inferior omen for millions of jobs and tourism-dependent industries in the coming summer. Experts say this could affect the economic recovery efforts that European governments are trying to make.
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