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Weekly Inspiring stories - Patrik Mårdh

With the fourth and final vaccination phase being rolled out, it is time to resume activities and return to movement. The Swedish Times is starting a weekly column with inspiring stories and this week we decided to combine the theme movement and exercise with inspiring insights from Patrik Mårdh.

"Two Vaccine Worlds": Will the Variant Become a Pandemic for the Unvaccinated?

Regarding vaccination, the question arises: Is personal freedom or responsibility to family and community important while the pandemic has not ended?

How difficult it is to open a bank account in Sweden?

How to open a bank account in Sweden without a Swedish personal identity number (personnumber) is one of the hardest challenges in Sweden.

Enjoying life with the Swede’s LAGOM!

Lagom is the art of living that has been instilled in Swedish culture for ages. This is the secret to helping the people of this beautiful country achieve a balanced and happy life.

Risk of new corona outburst when the school term starts  

The end of summer is drawing closer for every day that passes, and with that the school start. At the same time, the new delta mutation of covid-19 is spreading in Europe and yet, Folhälsomyndigheten, the Swedish department of public health, has not made any clear declarations on how we shall deal with this.

School - a political gateway to teenagers mental health

School is one of the most central parts in the life of a teenager. It affects how we feel, what we learn and how we view the society around us. Therefore, being in control of how school should work, politicians have a great power over young people.

The Diderot Effect –You Buy Things You Don't Need & How to master it

If you've ever bought a dress, you have to buy many accessories such as a new bag, new earrings, a new pair of high heels, etc., to match the beautiful dress you just bought although they are not necessary. Well, condolences, you have become a victim of the Diderot effect.

What Can We Learn From The Scandinavian Business Model?

Scandinavian people choose to run a business that reflects their roots and principles – the team's success is more important than personal achievements.

Denmark: food and farming country with a small population and high labour cost

Denmark is a small country with a population of 5.6 million people and expensive labour costs. However, this is an agricultural powerhouse with 30 million pigs and is home to many world-famous brands.
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