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Are you tired of sitting around at home?

The heatwave that is currently scorching through Sweden, makes you want to sit around an AC all hours of the day. However, there are other activities to do.

Swedens rules on electrical scooters more permissive than in other countries

Countries around Europe are acknowledging the increasing risk for accidents with electrical scooters, establishing harsher rules. But how is the situation in Sweden?


Nya data visar att olicensierade spelbolag vinner mark mot licensierad spelbolag i SverigeSverige införde den 1 januari förra året en ny spelreglering med syftet att stärka konsumentsskyddet. Staten delade ut spellicenser till de bolag som uppfyllde kraven.

Tips and tricks II - 5 more things to know about when living in Sweden  

Here follows a list of some things that can be really helpful to know about, to make your life a bit easier, or more fun, if you are new to living in Sweden.


Lördagssolen fullpackade uteserveringar i GöteborgGöteborgs uteserveringar var fullpackade i lördagssolen

Do not worry, midsummer is not cancelled

Midsummer is just around the corner and this year offers package deals from restaurants and hotels.

How to celebrate Midsummer like a Swede

Midsummer is one of the biggest holidays in Sweden and is typically celebrated outdoors. It is a celebratory day that consists of dancing, singing and lots of food and beverages.
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