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Australian researcher develops pain-free blood sugar test for diabetics

Australian researchers hope low-cost saliva test will replace current needle-based test for diabetes sufferers.

U.K. is seeing a 4th wave of COVID-19. But this does not mean Sweden will.

A fourth wave of Covid-19 now surging across the United Kingdom doesn’t have to become a reality as well in Sweden as long as people keep getting vaccinated as quickly as possible.

Johnson & Johnson announces recall of 5 lines of sunscreens containing carcinogens.

Johnson & Johnson announced a recall of 5 spray sunscreens from Neutrogena and Aveeno brands

Denmark Discards Final Regulations on COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention

The Danish government said on August 13 that the country would not make face masks mandatory earlier than previously planned.

"Two Vaccine Worlds": Will the Variant Become a Pandemic for the Unvaccinated?

Regarding vaccination, the question arises: Is personal freedom or responsibility to family and community important while the pandemic has not ended?

The rate of teenage drinking at an all-time low – but why?

Drinking alcohol, was before considered a symbol of adulthood and status is now starting to lose its popularity as more teenagers in Sweden choose to not drink. The question that many are now trying to answer is why this is happening.

WHO condemns Euro 2020 final

An early goal and a dramatic finish deliver a championship for Italy, and leave England to wonder, again, how it went wrong. "Devastating" were some of the words used by technical lead Maria Van Kerkhove on Twitter to describe last nights game where Italy won over England already in the penalties time.

Was Sweden Right in Following a no Lockdown Policy?

With almost 200 million confirmed Covid-19 cases and over 4 million deaths, the Covid-19 pandemic has swept over the world with tremendous force and continues to be a concern at the time of writing this. Initially, health agencies around the world were forced to deal with a situation with no comparable scenario in modern history. Relatively fast it became clear that lockdowns were a way of mitigating the number of infected and deaths.

Risk of new corona outburst when the school term starts  

The end of summer is drawing closer for every day that passes, and with that the school start. At the same time, the new delta mutation of covid-19 is spreading in Europe and yet, Folhälsomyndigheten, the Swedish department of public health, has not made any clear declarations on how we shall deal with this.

Why Do Many Countries Inject the Third Dose Of the COVID-19 Vaccine?

While in many countries, a part of the population is still skeptical about vaccination against COVID-19, the vast vaccination campaign in many countries has shown effectiveness in disease prevention. Some countries have even deployed the third dose of vaccine to increase the ability to protect people against the dangerous variant of this pandemic virus.

SMHI warns about extremely high temperatures

SHMI (the institute for the weather in Sweden) is informing all the residents about the 3 days in a row of extreme temperatures in the region of Västra Götalands.

FIVE Tips on Eating Before and After Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccines are currently being administered in two doses spaced apart, and they have some side effects such as fatigue, headache, nausea, etc. Here are five tips on eating before and after the shot to help. You can partially fix this problem.
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