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Swedish 'Vision Zero' Policies for Traffic Safety

Sweden is currently considered a country with the safest transport system in the world. In particular, the success of the "Vision Zero" policy has been approached by many countries.

Weekly Inspiring stories - Patrik Mårdh

With the fourth and final vaccination phase being rolled out, it is time to resume activities and return to movement. The Swedish Times is starting a weekly column with inspiring stories and this week we decided to combine the theme movement and exercise with inspiring insights from Patrik Mårdh.

Spotify's successful startup story from "ZERO"

successful startup story from "0" to an empire in the field of music streaming

Nordic enterprises give workers more than a month's for summer vacation. Why so?

The Nordic countries give their employees up to a month of summer vacation; strangely, their labour productivity is still the highest in the world. Specifically, the Nordic countries allow workers to take up to a month of vacation. As a result, by around 2030, people will probably work only 15 hours a week.
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