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Mea Calls on temporary waiver on patents for Covid-19 vaccine

The European parliament, WHO and leaders around the world are calling out unequal vaccine distribution and the need to support the COVAX scheme.

What can happen with the government after Monday?

On Monday the 21st, by 10:00 o'clock will the Riksdagen gather and rule over the destiny from the current Swedish government lead by Stefan Löfven.

WHO gives emergency approval to Sinopharm, first Chinese COVID-19 vaccine

It is also the first time the WHO has given emergency use approval to any Chinese vaccine for any infectious disease

EU:s new climate strategy - How will it affect Sweden?

The EU commission is in the process of presenting the most ambitious climate legislation ever launched. What impact it will have on different countries is yet to see, but in this article follows some parts of the legislation that might affect Sweden a lot.

The Implementation of Market rents is causing a debate in the political sphere as Nooshi Dadgostar threatens to force the government out of office

The Left Party is threatening to call for a vote of no confidence as the government is moving forward with their rent reform.

The Sweden Democrats are calling for a vote of no confidence

The Sweden Democrats are ready to force the government to resign and are backed up by the Left Party, the Moderates, and The Christ Democrats.

Risk of new corona outburst when the school term starts  

The end of summer is drawing closer for every day that passes, and with that the school start. At the same time, the new delta mutation of covid-19 is spreading in Europe and yet, Folhälsomyndigheten, the Swedish department of public health, has not made any clear declarations on how we shall deal with this.

Annie Lööf and the Center Party are open to negotiating the January agreement again

The Center Party is ready to drop free-rent setting for new builds. However, the Liberals are not convinced.

Democracy swims against the tide in authoritarian world

“The world is still more democratic than it was in the 1970s and 1980s, but the global decline in liberal democracy has been steep during the past 10 years.”

The parliament voted in favor of removing the government

The result is out, a majority voted in favor of removing the government.

Was Sweden Right in Following a no Lockdown Policy?

With almost 200 million confirmed Covid-19 cases and over 4 million deaths, the Covid-19 pandemic has swept over the world with tremendous force and continues to be a concern at the time of writing this. Initially, health agencies around the world were forced to deal with a situation with no comparable scenario in modern history. Relatively fast it became clear that lockdowns were a way of mitigating the number of infected and deaths.

Rate of teenagers committing deadly violence is increasing

Recently, a lot of attention has been brought to the fact that teenagers are becoming an increasingly bigger part of the criminal environment in Sweden.

15th of July – Today restrictions are being lifted

The corona situation in Sweden is now deemed to be stable enough to proceed with the goverment's plan for phasing out restrictions. So what will change?

SiS now positive to dangerous, young criminals being convicted to prison

“I think it would be reasonable regarding really serious crimes”

Immigration at its lowest level in Sweden since 2005

As the migration debate is heating up and public opinions are swaying a new political field as emerged.

Why Market Rents Might Be A Bad Idea

The possibility of market rents in Sweden is both praised and criticized. According to critics, it will not solve the housing shortage, instead, vulnerable households will be subjected to even worse conditions.

Segregation in Malmö

In light of Sweden's well-willingness towards immigrants, the subsequent need for a robust integration strategy has been essential. However, few would argue that the Swedish integration strategy has been successful, this is especially apparent when looking at the rise of the Sweden Democrats and their continuous critique against the Swedish immigration policy. The implications from failed integration often display itself as strong ethnic segregation. In the wake of Malmö's high concentration of immigrants, this problem becomes even more prevalent there, and work against segregation in Malmö suddenly becomes very important from an integration perspective.

High number of residence permits puts pressure on changing integration policies

​The latest statistics from the Swedish Migration Agency show that almost 120,000 asylum seekers who arrived in Sweden since 2015 have been granted residence permits in Sweden. With a failing integration policy, municipalities large and small are suffering financially, with large social grants going to unemployed refugees while shops and other businesses are forced to close again.

Ulf Kristersson - “The immigration has become a strain”  

Over last weekend, many groups on the social media have reported a huge activity of posts criticising Kristersson statement.

17 Days after, the same government is back!

Stefan Lövfen, state minister of Sweden, presented today the new suggestion for the ministers that will make a part of the Swedish government until September 2022, when the next planned election is scheduled. 17 days have passed since Sweden entered in a supposedly a government crisis and after 17 days the same government comes into power once again.


Swedens rules on electrical scooters more permissive than in other countries

Countries around Europe are acknowledging the increasing risk for accidents with electrical scooters, establishing harsher rules. But how is the situation in Sweden?

Sweden’s gender equality work at a standstill?

Boston Consulting Group concludes that women are often left out of crucial decisions in Swedish companies. However, AP2 Female Representation Index for 2021 shows increased representation of women in board rooms.

New laws on residence permits will lead to extensive changes 

On the 20th of July new changes in the swedish migration legislation will come into force.


En av bankerna i Sverige inledde året med en nettoförlust på 1,7 miljarder kronor. Kombinationen av höga kostnader för brister i hanteringen av penningtvättsrisker och det utmanade makroekonomiska klimatet ligger bakom raset från fjolårets 5,3 miljader.

South Africa’s former president has been sentenced to prison due to contempt of court

The ex-president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma is facing legal troubles and prison time.

Educational Effects of Covid-19 lockdown: Was closing schools really worth it?

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, governments were fast to close down countries in order to mitigate infections and the number of deaths. Little thought on the educational effects of children, and how distance learning would affect their school outcomes.

Löfven is prime minister once more - but how long will he last?

During Wednesday Stefan Löfven once more took up his role as the Swedish prime minister after winning the re-election with 176 votes against 173.

Sweden introduces new laws and regulations

On the first of July, approximately 40 new laws and regulations were introduced in Sweden. Among others, children’s rights in terms of custody and housing have been strengthened.  Here are some of the laws you should be aware of.

Young Women Dominate Finnish Politics. Why So?

Not only has the world's youngest incumbent female prime minister, but Finland is also home to five of the highest-ranking women, and four of them are under the age of 35.

EU lost the lawsuit in pushing AstraZeneca to speed up the COVID-19 vaccine delivery.

According to a court ruling in Brussels (Belgium), AstraZeneca only had to deliver 80 million doses of the vaccine to the EU before September 27 instead of 120 million doses before the end of June as the EU petitioned. The fine that the EU proposed to AstraZeneca was also removed.

School - a political gateway to teenagers mental health

School is one of the most central parts in the life of a teenager. It affects how we feel, what we learn and how we view the society around us. Therefore, being in control of how school should work, politicians have a great power over young people.

New law in Norway to fight unrealistic beauty standards

“A lot of people bring forth a reality that doesn’t exist. I think that many who get exposed to the photos doesn’t even know it’s not real”.

Inequal distribution of the covid-19 vaccine

In Europe, increasingly more people are getting vaccinated, preparing to finally return to a somewhat normal life as the rate of covid cases will start to drop. However, third world countries have fallen behind drastically regarding vaccination, putting a large number of people at risk. It is crucial for everyone to realize that as long as corona keeps spreading in a country, the pandemic is not over.

Swedes are going back to normal life – despite the worsening corona situation

The covid-19 situation is now far worse than what was predicted by Folkhälsomyndigheten. Yet most Swedes are starting to live a normal life since many restrictions was lifted on the 15th of July, and the government along with Folkhälsomyndigheten has not made any move to reinforce any restrictions.

The rate of teenage drinking at an all-time low – but why?

Drinking alcohol, was before considered a symbol of adulthood and status is now starting to lose its popularity as more teenagers in Sweden choose to not drink. The question that many are now trying to answer is why this is happening.

Covid-19 – Affecting the mental health of new parents

It has been reported from several municipalities that the mental health among new parents is getting increasingly worse. As with so many other things, this is yet another effect of the pandemic that has soon been ongoing for two years.

Corona increasing in Europe - how has it affected Sweden?

The new delta mutation of the corona virus has led to an increased spread of the infection around Europe.

Patients get the choice to reject doctors based on their nationality

A recent audit made by Dagens Nyheter has proven that patients can reject a doctor based on their nationality - Yet another reminder that the fight against racism must continue.

2021 – The summer of extremes

This summer is already being called "The summer of extremes" by climate scientists, a foretaste of storms to come when the climate gets increasingly warmer. Now scientists are discussing weather forces, up until now unaccounted for, might be contributing to the dramatic weather.

Further increase of corona cases in Europe – and Sweden

Covid cases are increasing in Stockholm for the fifth week in a row, and other cities are also reporting an increased frequency of covid-19.

How the pandemic and distance education has impacted Danish schools

With the pandemic a discussion has been raised in Denmark, regarding whether digital teaching should be more incorporated in Danish schools. At the same time, Denmark has to some extent avoided having to rely on digital media.

New strategy for the Schengen area from European Commission

After the shocks caused by the migration crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Commission (EC) has begun taking steps to reform the Schengen area - the largest free movement area in the world.

Kemikalieinspektionen are working to ban PFAS

The Swedish department of chemicals, Kemikalieinspektionen, are pushing to put a ban on all PFAS chemicals. But what is PFAS and how canK it affect us?

The algae bloom in the Baltic Sea – an annual reminder of our impact on nature

Every summer the algae blooming in the Baltic Sea takes place, and it is really a natural occurring phenomenon. However, over-fertilization of the sea has caused the blooming to become far more intense than it would naturally be, which leads to several problems.

Sweden: The World’s First Cashless Society - The Story Of Financial Inclusion

For the majority of Swedes, the cashless payment trend is practical. It shows the Swedish people's openness to new technology in the context of the growing global industrial revolution 4.0. Even thousands of young people have implanted microchips under the skin of their hands to integrate all personal information, including bank cards.
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