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Europe's economy faces a gloomy summer - What about the Swedish economy?

The pace of Covid-19 vaccination is taking place slowly in the European Union (EU) countries in general and Sweden in particular, signalling an inferior omen for millions of jobs and tourism-dependent industries in the coming summer. Experts say this could affect the economic recovery efforts that European governments are trying to make.

EURO 2020: The brand war off the pitch

The EURO 2020 tournament was expected to bring exciting and top-notch matches, in addition to "economic gifts" for not only the host countries but also the world's leading brands.

WHO condemns Euro 2020 final

An early goal and a dramatic finish deliver a championship for Italy, and leave England to wonder, again, how it went wrong. "Devastating" were some of the words used by technical lead Maria Van Kerkhove on Twitter to describe last nights game where Italy won over England already in the penalties time.

The Era of Solar Energy in Sweden

Sweden is the only country that has surpassed using 50% clean energy from renewable energy sources since 2012. The country aims to use 100% clean energy by 2040. Partly, a significant part of the country's success in using clean energy including abundant hydro, wind power, and solar energy, which contribute to the country's supply of renewable electricity.

IKEA: Sweden's mark on the world map

Apart from being famous for cultural concepts like "Lagom" and "Fika", Sweden is a model of a democratic social country where all people are equal, prosperous, and happy. The recent death of Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA - a globally famous Swedish assembled furniture retail chain, is an opportunity to look back at how this brand contributes to 'exporting' Swedish culture worldwide.
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