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MBOT 2, An educational Robot that you should know

Makeblock Education has always been committed to providing teachers with training resources to ensure that computer science and STEAM education remain attractive and accessible to all.

Doge the meme is making history once again as it is auctioned off for 4 million USD

A new record has been set as Doge the meme is auctioned off for charity.

Bank of England keeps powder dry on crypto 'pockets of exuberance'

The last two months the fever of Bitcoin has been going down. As it was not enough bitcoin being taxed in Sweden as capital income, the Swedish crypto investors who hold assets in online wallets like and make their most trades in Binance/CEX might have their life a bit more complicated.

Volvo starts having Aurobay motors

The new company will be a global supplier of complete powertrain solutions including next generation combustion engines, transmissions and hybrid solutions.

Volvo – Driving innovation and sustainability

Volvo is taking steps towards a more sustainable future by cutting down on energy usage and investing in more sustainable technology.

Top 5 Fintech trends to the financial industry in 2021 in Sweden

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic makes 2020 a year that completely changes the business model in each industry, including fintech. Finance and banking experts have predicted the top 5 fintech trends that will change the landscape of this industry in 2021 in Sweden.

Apple's 'Find My' network locates iOS 15 devices even if they're off or erased

While separation alerts let you know if your AirTag-equipped bag gets left behind.Apple's WWDC 2021 briefing is over, but the list of new features coming to its platforms is long enough that many are still popping up. One section to pay attention to on the iOS 15 Preview explains the changes made to "Find

The Tug of war: the smartphone market

It is a constant tug-of-war between Apple and Samsung as they are continuously fighting for market dominance.

The pandemic is pushing industries to embrace Industry 4.0

The pandemic has pushed the digital transformation forward as it has heavily impacted the manufacturing industry.

Cyber Attack reaches out Swedish supermarkets chain

Read more how about a russian hacker group has affected worlds markets and even a Swedish supermarket chain.

Sustainable Business in Sweden

Today, many Swedish companies are at the forefront of integrating a sustainable business approach into their strategy and daily management. These are extensive environmental protection, positive measures to respect human rights, improve the working environment, and fight corruption.

Swedish 'Vision Zero' Policies for Traffic Safety

Sweden is currently considered a country with the safest transport system in the world. In particular, the success of the "Vision Zero" policy has been approached by many countries.

Huawei is ready to take on Android with their newly released operating system

Huawei just launched their new operating system, HarmonyOS 2 and is causing quite a stirr.

The digital maturity rate needs improvement

Sweden is trying to become the leading country in the world of leveraging digital opportunities but is not yet there.

How AI Is Changing the Online Shopping Experience

Applying AI in e-commerce is a remarkable step forward, changing almost the entire experience journey of users and sellers on online platforms.

Spotify's successful startup story from "ZERO"

successful startup story from "0" to an empire in the field of music streaming

Sweden: The World’s First Cashless Society - The Story Of Financial Inclusion

For the majority of Swedes, the cashless payment trend is practical. It shows the Swedish people's openness to new technology in the context of the growing global industrial revolution 4.0. Even thousands of young people have implanted microchips under the skin of their hands to integrate all personal information, including bank cards.
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