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Do not worry, midsummer is not cancelled

Midsummer is just around the corner and this year offers package deals from restaurants and hotels.

Do not worry, midsummer is not cancelledfoto:
Elin Magnusson
created at: Thu Jun 24 2021| updated at:Mon Jan 17 2022

With the covid-pandemic still not fully handled, midsummer will look a bit different this year. Due to current circumstances, larger public midsummer celebrations have been canceled. However, there are still other options for those who still wish to celebrate this day.

Midsummer is probably one of the most popular holidays in Sweden, where people of all ages gather to eat, dance, and sing. It’s a day of tradition where may-pole dancing, schnaps songs, and a buffet full of all types of food such as salmon, cheese quiche, herring, fresh potatoes, and strawberry cake.  

Pre-pandemic cities all over Sweden offered a wide range of public midsummer events. However, this year public events have been down-scaled, canceled, or became virtual events. 

In Gothenburg, it is usually possible to attend one of the many public midsummer events in one of the city’s many parks. However, this year there will not be any large gathering in parks such as Trädgårdsföreningen and Slottskogen.  

There are other options though, hotels all around Sweden are offering midsummer package deals which among other things include may-pole dancing and summer-themed dinner. If you are in the Gothenburg area: Arken Spa and Hotel Eggers offer midsummer deals. However, if you’re in Stockholm Hotel Djurönäset and Waxholm offer some pretty decent deals.

If a hotel weekend seems too expensive, a restaurant visit might be another option. Several restaurants have prepared midsummer menu deals for dining-in and food packages to take away.

Lastly, there are digital midsummer events for those who prefer that. SVT will for example broadcast a midsummer concert from Nääs with new and old songs.

List of Midsummer deals:


·       Arken Spa

·       Hotel Eggers

·       Thörnströms (food package)

·       Tullhuset at Hönö

·       Bohus Fortress (limited tickets)


·       Skansen (limited tickets)

·       Hotel Djurönäset

·       Urban Deli (food package)

·       Hasselbacken (limited tickets)

  Waxholm’s hotel

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