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The parliament voted in favor of removing the government

The result is out, a majority voted in favor of removing the government.

 The parliament voted in favor of removing the governmentfoto: Gvantsa Javakhishvili
Elin Magnusson
created at: Mon Jun 21 2021| updated at:Wed Jul 06 2022

Today’s vote of no confidence came had the expected outcome. This comes shortly after the Left Party declared that they no longer have confidence in Stefan Löfven as the government is pushing for implementing market rents and failing to meet the Left party’s demands. 

A majority of the members in the parliament voted against Stefan Löfven and the government in the vote of no confidence. Out of 349 members of the parliament, 181 voted in favor of the declaration of no confidence, 109 members voted against the motion and 51 abstained from voting. 

Before the vote, the leader of the Center Party, Annie Lööf declared that the party will vote yellow as the Social Democrats are still upholding their end of the deal in the January Agreement. A similar statement was made by Johan Persson a member of the Liberal Party and the Green Party.

The opposing parties voting to remove the government stated that the government is at fault for creating this political disaster. 

There are two ways this can go, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven can either call for an extraordinary election or ask the Speaker to appoint a new prime minister candidate. The speaker is allowed to make a total of four proposals and if none of them are approved, an extraordinary election will be held within 3 months. 

Löfven has seven days to decide which path he will go down. 










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