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Tourists, Welcome Back to Sweden!

Sweden is welcoming back tourists once again and offers a widespread of different activities for people of all ages.

Tourists, Welcome  Back to Sweden!foto: Bravadi Malangjoedo
Elin Magnusson
created at: Wed Jun 09 2021| updated at:Mon Jan 17 2022

The covid-19 pandemic has certainly affected the flow of tourists that usually visit Sweden, which has left the industry bleeding. However, distribution of vaccines and the arrival of summer will have a positive impact on the tourist industry as the boarders are once again opening up for visitors.  

The tourism industry, world-wide, has certainly been suffering during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. In Sweden the Hotel and Restaurant industry was especially affected. According to Tillväxtverket, 78% percent of the companies in the aforementioned industry stated that they risked bankruptcy. However, the future is looking brighter since the distribution of vaccines began. Just in time for summer, the Swedish boarders have once again opened up for visitors.  While some of  the guidelines are still in place, they have  eased up quite significantly making Sweden a perfect destination for people who caught the travel bug.

Sweden is rightly known for its nature and great landscapes. Therefor it makes perfectly sense that the country has been investing heavily in eco-tourism the past couple of years as there are currently 30 different national parks in Sweden. Moreover, the country has a coast line that stretches more than 3000 kilometres.

If you have done your research right, you l probably already know that Sweden is positioned between Norway and Finland, and is currently the largest country in Scandinavia with approximately 10 million habitants.  Because of the countries geographical size, the outdoors environment is quite unique depending on if you are visiting the southern or the northern parts of Sweden. If you are keen on experience all of Sweden to its fullness, the government owned railway operator, SJ, just launched a new Interrail pass for unlimited travels during 7, 15 or 30 days between the 14th of June until the 15th of August.

In North of Sweden you will experience wilderness, large mountains and northern lights. It is a great place to visit all year around. During summer Lapponia  is especially known for its great hiking trails, fishing spots and Midnight Sun.

If you do not have time to travel to the northernmost parts of Sweden , but still want to explore great hiking trails, Ångermanland is the perfect spot for you. The region is situated in north east of Sweden and the notorious High Coast, which is on UNESCO’s world heritage site. The area is famous for its picturesque and scenic landscape, which preferably should be explored by foot.

However, great hiking trails is not the only tourist attraction Sweden has to offer. Sweden is well known for its architecture, cuisine and picturesque archipelago which is best experienced in the southern parts of Sweden. Both Gothenburg and Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, offers direct access by ferry to the archipelago. If you are in the Stockholm area, I definitely recommend you to take a trip to Fjäderholmarna or Vaxholm. And while you are at it, why not take stroll in Djurgården and see what it has to offer. Here, a wide range of museums are situated such as Skansen the world oldest open-air museum and not to forget the famous museum dedicated to the Swedish pop sensation ABBA.

If you are travelling with kids, Sweden offers a wide range of water- and amusement parks such as Liseberg in Gothenburg, Grönalund in Stockholm and Skarasommarland in Skara that are perfectly enjoyable for kids. 

So do not hesitate to come to Sweden, we are ready for you!

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